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    • Developing data-driven innovation in creative industries 

      Parkinson, Caroline; Terras, Melissa; Speed, Chris; Somerville, Ritchie (University of Edinburgh, 2020-08-26)
      This White Paper reports on the findings of the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme Sector Development consultation (2018-20), which investigated the data capability and further potential for innovation across the ...
    • Centre for Data, Culture & Society Annual Report: 2019/20 

      Centre for Data, Culture & Society (College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh, 2020-05-29)
      The annual report of the Centre for Data, Culture & Society, based with the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.
    • “Data Something”: Assessing Tools, Services and Barriers for Research Data Collaboration at the University of Edinburgh [Report] 

      Israeli, Tamar (2019)
      We carried out a small-scale study in order to gain a better understanding of the tools researchers use to collaborate around data, and to explore the barriers and difficulties that prevent researchers from using institutional ...
    • International collaborations using linked administrative data: Lessons from the MARIC study 

      Tibble, Holly; Kinner, Stuart A; Spittal, Matthew J; Borschmann, Rohan (2020-01-15)
      Introduction: The Mortality After Release from Incarceration Consortium (MARIC) is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of researchers, clinicians and decision-makers representing 29 cohorts of adults from 11 countries with ...
    • The grant is dead, long live the data 

      Hay, Johnny; Zielinski, Tomasz (2020-01-15)
      Open research, data sharing and data re-use have become a priority for publicly- and charity-funded research. Efficient data management naturally requires computational resources that assist in data description, preservation ...
    • eDataShield: Running an analysis of combined data when the individual records cannot be combined 

      Raab, Gillian; Dibben, Chris (2020-01-15)
      In social or epidemiological research comparable data are often collected by agencies in different settings, e.g. in different countries or by different organisations. Disclosure concerns may prevent the agencies releasing ...
    • Bringing researchers to data: computing skills training with Edinburgh Carpentries 

      Wallace, Edward (2020-01-15)
      Data availability is essential Researchers also need to find and use the data They need the right knowledge and skills How can we empower researchers to use data well? Ask researchers what they need – SBS Computing ...
    • Dealing with data on peace and conflict: Experiences and lessons learned 

      Badanjak, Sanja (2020-01-15)
      Researching conflict and peace has never been as driven by large-N data as it is now, nor has it ever before seen such abundance of data and data-production methods. However, the analytical conundrums in the discipline ...
    • Restoring Gig Workers to Power: The Collective Potential of Personal Data Portability 

      Gallagher, Cailean; Li, Wenlong; Gregory, Karen (2020-01-15)
      Gig workers in the United Kingdom currently work without basic employment protections. As such, they assume not only all expenses associated with their work, but also the risks of this work, while lacking access to ...
    • Integrated secure web application to deliver centralised management of research samples, histology services and imaging data 

      Lawson, Mark (2020-01-15)
      Within the Centre for Reproductive Health, the histology team provides a valuable service to underpin and support research within the Little France campus as part of the SuRF (Small University Research Facilities) service. ...
    • Dealing vis Data 

      Bach, Benjamin (2020-01-15)
      It's exciting times to work with data: more and more data are becoming available; more people are getting trained in analysis; better analysis methods provide us with more and better information about our world. With this ...
    • Using data to improve outcomes for children 

      Hutchison, Alex (2020-01-15)
      This new partnership between UNICEF, the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Government presents some unique opportunities and challenges for a variety of reasons. This talk will take you through the story so far in ...
    • Building the Knowledge Graph for UK Health Data Science 

      Wang, Minhong; Zeng, Qianyi; Chen, Wenjun; Pan, Jeff; Wu, Honghan; Sudlow, Cathie; Robertson, Dave (2020-01-15)
      Extracting patient phenotypes from routinely collected health data (such as Electronic Health Records) requires translating clinically-sound phenotype definitions into queries/computations executable on the underlying data ...
    • “Data Something”: Assessing Tools, Services and Barriers for Research Data Collaboration at the University of Edinburgh 

      Israeli, Tamar (2020-01-15)
      Results from a small-scale study carried out by Dr Tamar Israeli, with support from the Research Data Support team, to gain a better understanding of the barriers and difficulties that prevent researchers from using ...
    • CILIP Scotland 2019: Open Access, Plan S and New Models for Academic Publishing 

      Tate, Dominic (2019-06-04)
      Open Access, Plan S and New Models for Academic Publishing Library Research Support Teams Scholarly Communications Team • Provides support for staff and students regarding Open Access publications • Advises on ...
    • Open Science at the University of Edinburgh 

      Tate, Dominic (University of Edinburgh, 2019-04-09)
      Presentation on open science at the ILIDE conference 2019.
    • Given in Good Faith : celebrating the Funk Projects at New College Library 2016-2016 

      Love-Rodgers, Christine (University of Edinburgh, 2016)
      Published to accompany the Given in Good Faith exhibition 4 April- 29 July 2016, this booklet gives an introduction to the history of New College Library, outlines the development and achievements of the Funk Donation ...
    • And Finally... On Theological Libraries 

      Love-Rodgers, Christine (Sage Journals, 2018-12-05)
      New College Library is one of the UK’s foremost theological libraries, but what is the significance of its collections today? New College’s founders were passionate about the value of libraries for the mission of spreading ...
    • DataVault Poster 

      Rice, Robin; Lingstadt, Kirsty; Knowles, Claire (University of Edinburgh, 2018-11-23)
      The University of Edinburgh identified a gap for preservation of large research data sets that do not need active preservation at ingest as the majority of the content will not be retained beyond the initial retention ...
    • Open.Ed Open Science 

      Campbell, Lorna; Farley, Charlie (University of Edinburgh, 2018-11-23)
      Open.Ed Open Science By Lorna M. Campbell and Charlie Farley, OER Service, Learning Teaching and Web. This poster will introduce the University of Edinburgh’s OER Service and highlight a number of ways that the service ...