The Watching WIPO project looked at the development of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) from a body principally engaged in the administration of a limited number of international IP treaties to one that also provides services that range from domain name dispute resolution to a distance learning academy, affecting both the development of traditional areas of intellectual property law, and extending its reach far into Internet related activities.

Recent Submissions

  • Online intermediaries and copyright liability 

    Waelde, Charlotte; Edwards, Lilian (World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2005)
    The report, presented to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, examines the role of online intermediaries, and liability for copyright infringement. The authors discuss the difficulties found in disclosure identity ...
  • Audio-Visual Performers' Rights in the UK 

    MacQueen, Hector L; Waelde, Charlotte (World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2003)
    Information on United Kingdom Relating to the Study on Transfer of the Rights of Performers to Producers of Audiovisual Fixations