Social Anthropology at Edinburgh is a major international centre of undergraduate and postgraduate training, and we offer regional specialisations in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. We are also one of the premier research departments in the United Kingdom. Rooted in a strong disciplinary tradition our research asks challenging questions about contemporary global problems, putting us at at the cutting edge of Social Anthropology.

Recent Submissions

  • Testing and trust: Public perceptions, expectations, and experiences of COVID-19 testing in Scotland 

    Street, Alice (Scottish Chief Scientist Office, 2021-11)
    COVID-19 testing is a cornerstone of long-term pandemic control. Public trust in testing is essential to the success of the government’s testing strategy. This rapid qualitative study investigated public understandings, ...
  • Demographic Review of the UK Social Sciences 

    Spencer, J; Mills, D; Jepson, A; Coxon, Tony; Easterby-Smith, M; Hawkins, P (Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), 2006)
  • Review of the 1+3 Training Model 

    Spencer, Jonathan; Coxon, Tony; Hawkins, Phil; Howe, Christine; Jepson, Anne; Lunt, Ingrid; Mills, David; Orme, Joan (2007)
    An evaluation funded by the ESRC of the delivery of the 1+3 model of postgraduate research training required as part of Doctoral education in the UK Social Sciences. Recommendations for revisions and refinements will be ...
  • Death, Biography, and the Mapuche Person 

    Course, M (2007-03-01)
    The amulpüllün biographical oratory which takes place at Mapuche funerals in southern Chile is said to ‘complete’ the person. Such a perspective challenges the assumption that mortuary practices necessarily constitute a ...
  • Dead Man de Jim Jarmusch. La poésie du fusil Arriflex 

    Baxstrom, Richard; Geroulanos, Stefanos; Meyers, Todd (2006-03-01)
  • Cinema Thinking Affect: The Hustler's Soft Magic 

    Richard Baxstrom; Todd Meyers (2006-03-01)
    By means of an examination of a series of films that deal with the nature and scope of the adolescent world (such as Larry Clark's Kids, Gus Van Sant's Elephant, and Tim Hunter's River's Edge), the authors contend that ...