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    • 2D Shape Classification and Retrieval 

      McNeill, Graham; Vijayakumar, Sethu (Professional Book Center, 2005-07)
      We present a novel correspondence-based technique for efficient shape classification and retrieval. Shape boundaries are described by a set of (ad hoc) equally spaced points avoiding the need to extract landmark points. ...
    • Abstract Syntax and Variable Binding (Extended Abstract) 

      Fiore, Marcelo P; Plotkin, Gordon; Turi, Daniele (2003-11-06)
      We develop a theory of abstract syntax with variable binding. To every binding signature we associate a category of models consisting of variable sets endowed with compatible algebra and substitution structures. The ...
    • ACCOn: Checking Consistency of XML Write-Access Control Policies 

      Loreto Bravo; James Cheney; Irini Fundulaki (2008)
      XML access control policies involving updates may contain security flaws, here called inconsistencies, in which a forbidden operation may be simulated by performing a sequence of allowed operations. ACCOn implements i) ...
    • Active Estimation of Object Dynamics Parameters with Tactile Sensors 

      Saal, Hannes; Ting, Jo-Anne; Vijayakumar, Sethu (2010)
      The estimation of parameters that affect the dynamics of objects—such as viscosity or internal degrees of freedom—is an important step in autonomous and dexterous robotic manipulation of objects. However, accurate and ...
    • Active Filtering for Robot Tactile Learning 

      Saal, Hannes; Ting, Jo-Anne; Vijayakumar, Sethu (2009)
    • Active sequential learning with tactile feedback 

      Saal, Hannes; Ting, Jo-Anne; Vijayakumar, Sethu (2010)
      We consider the problem of tactile discrimination, with the goal of estimating an underlying state parameter in a sequential setting. If the data is continuous and high- dimensional, collecting enough representative data ...
    • Activity-oriented Instant Messaging for Coalition Operations 

      Tate, Austin; Dalton, J; Potter, S (Czech Technical University Press, 2004-10)
      I-X Process Panels are used to support users who are carrying out processes and responding to events in a cooperative working environment. The panels support the tracking of personal or group issues, the planning and ...
    • Adaptive Optimal Control for Redundantly Actuated Arms 

      Mitrovic, Djordje; Klanke, Stefan; Vijayakumar, Sethu (Springer-Verlag, 2008)
      Optimal feedback control has been proposed as an attractive movement generation strategy in goal reaching tasks for anthropomorphic manipulator systems. Recent developments, such as the iterative Linear Quadratic Gaussian ...
    • Adaptive Optimal Feedback Control with Learned Internal Dynamics Models 

      Mitrovic, Djordje; Klanke, Stefan; Vijayakumar, Sethu (Springer-Verlag, 2010)
      Optimal Feedback Control (OFC) has been proposed as an attractive movement generation strategy in goal reaching tasks for anthropomorphic manipulator systems. Recent developments, such as the Iterative Linear Quadratic ...
    • Adaptive Tutorial Dialogue Systems Using Deep NLP Techniques 

      Dzikovska, Myroslava; Callaway, Charles; Farrow, Elaine; Marques-Pita, Manuel; Matheson, Colin; Moore, Johanna D. (2010-11-03)
      We present tutorial dialogue systems in two different domains that demonstrate the use of dialogue management and deep natural language processing techniques. Generation techniques are used to produce natural sounding ...
    • Adequacy for Algebraic Effects 

      Plotkin, Gordon; Power, John (SPRINGER-VERLAG, 2002)
      Moggi proposed a monadic account of computational effects. He also presented the computational lamda-calculus, c, a core call-by-value functional programming language for effects; the effects are obtained by adding ...
    • Advanced Knowledge Technologies at the Midterm: Tools and Methods for the Semantic Web 

      Shadbolt, N; Ciravegna, F; Domingue, J; Hall, W; Motta, E; O'Hara, K; Robertson, D; Sleeman, D; Tate, Austin; Wilks, Y (Advanced Knowledge Technologies, 2004)
      In a celebrated essay on the new electronic media, Marshall McLuhan wrote in 1962:
    • Agent Systems for Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support 

      Tate, Austin; Dalton, J; Bradshaw, J M; Uszok, A (Czech Technical University Press, 2004-10)
      The Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support project shows cooperative agents supporting a highly dynamic mission in which AI task planning, inter-agent collaboration, workflow enactment, policy-managed services, semantic ...
    • AI Bridges and Dreams 

      Bundy, Alan (SpringerLink, 1987-07)
      This paper is a modified version of my acceptance lecture for the 1986 SPL-Insight Award. It turned into something of a personal credo — describing my view of the nature of AI the potential social benefit of applied ...
    • An Approximate Inference Approach to Temporal Optimization in Optimal Control 

      Rawlik, Konrad; Toussaint, Marc; Vijayakumar, Sethu (2011-01-28)
      Algorithms based on iterative local approximations present a practical approach to optimal control in robotic systems. However, they generally require the temporal parameters (for e.g. the movement duration or the time ...
    • The arrow calculus 

      Lindley, Sam; Wadler, P.; Yallop, J. (Cambridge University Press, 2010-01)
      We introduce the arrow calculus, a metalanguage for manipulating Hughes's arrows with close relations both to Moggi's metalanguage for monads and to Paterson's arrow notation. Arrows arc classically defined by extending ...
    • Attacking the Asokan-Ginzboorg Protocol for Key Distribution in an Ad-Hoc Bluetooth Network Using CORAL 

      Steel, G.; Maidl, M.; Bundy, Alan (2003-10)
      We describe Coral, a counterexample finder for incorrect inductive conjectures. By devising a first-order version of Paulson's formalism for cryptographic protocol analysis, we are able to use Coral to attack protocols ...
    • Automatic Annotation of Context and Speech Acts for Dialogue Corpora. 

      Kallirroi, Georgila; Lemon, Oliver; Henderson, James; Moore, Johanna D. (Cambridge University Press, 2009-06)
      Richly annotated dialogue corpora are essential for new research directions in statistical learning approaches to dialogue management, context-sensitive interpretation, and context-sensitive speech recognition. In particular, ...
    • Automatic Concept Formation in Pure Mathematics 

      Colton, Simon; Bundy, Alan; Walsh, Toby (1999)
      The HR program forms concepts and makes conjectures in domains of pure mathematics and uses theorem prover OTTER and model generator MACE to prove or disprove the conjectures. HR measures properties of concepts and assesses ...