Recent Submissions

  • Nuclear statistical model with applications to stability 

    Spain, Barry (The University of Edinburgh, 1939)
    Theoretical formulae have been developed for the energy of a nucleus according to a statistical model and an expansion has been made.
  • High-pressure gas hydrates 

    Loveday, J. S.; Nelmes, R. J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2008-02)
    It has long been known that crystalline hydrates are formed by many simple gases that do not interact strongly with water, and in most cases the gas molecules or atoms occupy 'cages' formed by a framework of water molecules. ...
  • Swelling and shrinking kinetics of a lamellar gel phase 

    Egelhaaf, Stefan U; Baker, M.E.; Shaw, N.; Fairhurst, David John (2008-05-01)
    We investigate the swelling and shrinking of L-beta lamellar gel phases composed of surfactant and fatty alcohol after contact with aqueous poly(ethyleneglycol) solutions. The height change Delta h(t) is diffusionlike with ...
  • Quantum Physics: Altered States 

    Haw, Mark (Nature Publishing Group, 2002-06-27)
    Stand by for a new state of matter — according to some predictions, it could be created in the next few months. In a handful of laboratories around the world, physicists are trying to persuade antisocial atoms to pair ...