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    • Impacts of High-Volume Solar Deployment 

      Kelly, Michael; Sharma, Mohit; Solanki, Lalit (Ricardo Energy & Environment, 2023-09)
      This report investigates the potential impacts on the electricity network in Scotland from increased uptake of solar photovoltaics.
    • Review of social housing archetypes to support EESSH2 review 

      Cooper, Jonathan; Foster, Sam; Dias, Joachim; Mason, Emily (Element Energy, 2023-08)
      This report reviews social housing archetypes in Scotland to enable identification of suitable energy efficiency and zero emissions heating systems.
    • Categorising emissions in non-domestic buildings 

      Waheed, Hassan; Sandles, Ben; Rose, Angela (Turner & Townsend, 2023-08)
      This report explores the pros and cons of different methods to apportion measured direct emissions from heat use categories in non-domestic buildings. Through analysis and stakeholder engagement, it also assesses different ...
    • Heat pumps on subscription 

      Clark, Tessa; Hadfield, Mark; Joveski, Mladena Pavlova; Burns, Freya; Dunne, Hannah; Conway, James (LCP Delta, 2023-08)
      This report explores the viability of subscription models for heat pumps from the perspective of consumer groups, manufacturer/ installers, business and policy stakeholders.
    • Hydrogen as a Storage Medium in Scotland 

      Csernik-Tihn, Szebasztian; Mitchell, Jamie; Edlmann, Katriona (Gemserv, 2023-08)
      This report investigates the options for hydrogen storage and its potential for reducing curtailment and providing energy storage in Scotland. The role of hydrogen peaking power for electricity generation during times of ...
    • Communicating effectively on the heat transition 

      Howick, Matt; Morton, Calum; Mowat, Claire; Cuthbert, Mark; Fraser, Louise (JRS, 2023-06)
      This research identifies appropriate ‘trusted messengers’, along with associated communication channels, engagement formats, and points of intervention, for engaging with different groups across the Scottish public on ...
    • Establishing an agricultural knowledge and innovation system 

      Sutherland, Lee-Ann; Banks, Esther; Boyce, Antonia; Martinat, Stanislav (The James Hutton Institute, 2023-06)
      Transformation in agricultural land management is critical to achieving Scottish Government’s aims of mitigating climate change, addressing the biodiversity crisis, and achieving a just transition for land and agriculture. ...
    • Adapting Scottish agriculture to a changing climate - assessing options for action 

      Jenkins, Becky; Avis, Keesje; Willcocks, Jessie; Martin, Gareth; Wiltshire, Jeremy; Peters, Eleanor (Ricardo Energy & Environment, 2023-06)
      The Climate Change Risk Assessment 3 (CCRA 3) identifies a risk of serious climate impacts in Scotland. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) 2022 Report to the Scottish Parliament made recommendations on adaptation opportunities ...
    • The experiences of early adopters of zero direct emissions heating systems in Scotland 

      Borth, Kurt; Impesi, Isabella; Rush, Gwyn; Conway, James (Changeworks, 2023-06)
      Buildings account for around a fifth of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing these emissions is essential for Scotland to get to net zero. This report investigates the experiences of early adopters of Zero Direct ...
    • The environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable travel to local high streets and town centres 

      Kariuki-Cobbett, Juliette; Morley, Beth; Worthy, Fergus (Cenex, 2023-05)
      This report provides an evidence base on the environmental, economic, and social impacts of sustainable travel for local high streets and town centres for those promoting, campaigning on, designing and delivering sustainable ...
    • Reductions in maximum flow temperatures in Scottish domestic heating 

      Martin, Melissa; Foster, Sam; Dias, Joachim; Benjamin, Sam (Element Energy, 2023-05)
      This report considers the evidence for reducing heating system flow temperatures in Scottish housing stock by modelling suitability against external temperatures and considering upgrades required to make houses suitable.
    • International heat and energy efficiency policy review 

      Clark, Tessa; Blacklaws, Katharine; Kaloustian, Robin; Moulan, Emma (LCP Delta, 2023-05)
      This report is focused on international approaches to the regulation of domestic energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation that are comparable with Scottish Government aims.
    • Mapping the current and forecasted hydrogen skills landscape 

      Weir, Iain; Beinarovica, Jolanta; Nelson, Kayleigh; Fagura, Joginder; Morrison, Mark (Optimat Ltd, 2023-05)
      This report examines the current and forecasted jobs and skills demands in Scotland’s hydrogen economy. It defines the scope of the sector and the scale of the opportunity for Scotland as a result of growth in the hydrogen ...
    • TIMES model industry sector update 

      Calvillo, Christian; Karim, Abdoul; Stewart, Jamie; Turner, Karen (Centre for Energy Policy, University of Strathclyde, 2023-04)
      This research updated the current data in Scottish TIMES relating to the industrial sector. It reviewed information relating to aspects such as cost and process efficiency, and checked data against the latest sector, ...
    • Scoping options for whole building assessment for energy efficiency and zero direct emissions heat in multi-owner and mixed-use buildings 

      Berner, Agnes; Burns, Freya; Lancaster, Megan; Lochhead, Euan (Changeworks, 2023-04)
      This report looks at potential options for creating a whole building assessment method for energy efficiency and zero emission heating in multi-owner and mixed-use buildings.
    • Scoping a national peatland monitoring framework 

      Artz, Rebekka; Coyle, Mhairi; Donaldson-Selby, Gillian; Cooksley, Susan; Gimona, Alessandro; Pakeman, Robin; Hare, Matt (James Hutton Institute, 2023-03)
      Scotland is a peat-rich nation. Healthy peatlands deliver a wide range of ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration, carbon storage and a specialised biodiversity. Much of Scotland’s peat resource is damaged: ...
    • Measuring Scotland’s net zero and climate adaptation economy – A methodology and pilot analysis 

      Kennedy, Simon; Almqvist, Mattias; Parker, Robin; O’Gorman, Stefanie; Pritchard, Adam; Niemi, Malin (Ramboll UK Ltd, 2023-02)
      This report describes a methodology that the Scottish government can use to assess relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of net zero and climate adaptation activities in the Scottish economy. 
    • Network investment costs of the heat transition in Scotland 

      Nicolas Melchor Gutierrez, Jose; Yates, Matt; Morris, Owen; Hanna, Beth; Pedro, Nuno Fernandes (WSP UK, 2023)
      The report investigates costs of network investments required as a result of heat decarbonisation in Scotland and the impact on consumer bills.
    • A scenario-based approach to emissions reduction targets in Scottish agriculture 

      Eory, Vera; Topp, Kairsty; Rees, Bob; Jones, Stephanie; Waxenberg, Kaia; Barnes, Andrew; Smith, Pete; MacLeod, Michael; Wall, Eileen (Scotland’s Rural College, 2023-02)
      The Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019 sets the ambitious net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets by 2045. This report provides an updated assessment of the emission reduction ...
    • Decarbonisation of mobile agricultural machinery in Scotland – an evidence review 

      Baker, Peter; James, Nick; Myerscough, Rhianna; Conquest, Ann (LUC, 2023-02)
      Agricultural machinery is estimated to contribute around 5-10% of Scottish Agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions. Agricultural land in Scotland covers 5.6 million hectares and the agriculture sector represented 19% of ...