Childcare and Wellbeing in Times of Covid-19 is a UKRI-funded project based at the University of Edinburgh and collaborating with the Scottish Community Development Centre. The project focuses on childcare and family welfare during Covid, seeking to support the wellbeing of children and their parents by informing the development of effective and responsive childcare policies during the pandemic and beyond.

Recent Submissions

  • Child and Parental Wellbeing during the Covid-Pandemic 

    Naumann, Ingela K.; Sakali, Joanna (University of Edinburgh, 2022-04)
    This briefing forms part of a series of resources published from the UKRI rapid response project ‘Childcare and Wellbeing in Times of Covid-19’. The full research report, other thematic briefing and working papers, blogs ...
  • Child and Parental Wellbeing during the Covid-Pandemic 

    Naumann, Ingela; Sakali, Joanna; Ribe, Eloi; Ralston, Kevin; Marshall, Alan; Packwood, Helen; Gorton, Victoria; Glover, Hannah (The University of Edinburgh, 2022-02-01)
    The Covid-pandemic and the public health measures aimed at containing the virus, such as lockdowns, physical distancing and self-isolating, radically changed family life and daily routines. The pandemic has had particularly ...