The Centre for the Study of World Christianity (formerly, the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Non-Western World) exists to advance high-quality scholarship in Christianity as a polycentric faith whose adherents are now far more numerous in the majority world than in Europe or North America. We seek to make a distinctive contribution to scholarly knowledge in all areas of the study of world Christianity through interdisciplinary research, teaching and publication.

Recent Submissions

  • Global Christians in Edinburgh 

    Chow, Alexander; Wild-Wood, Emma; Hatzaw, Nuam (Centre for the Study of World Christianity, 2023-07)
    The ‘Global Christians in Edinburgh’ project highlights the global diversity of Christianity in Edinburgh and the collaborative efforts of these communities. It coincides with a historic period of both downturn in many ...
  • Faith, Healing and Medicine in the time of COVID-19 

    Wild-Wood, Emma (2022)
    Faith shapes the way societies respond to crises such as a global pandemic. Dr Emma Wild-Wood, from the University of Edinburgh in the UK, is studying how faith informs responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Democratic ...