Recent Submissions

  • Women artists and book illustration in Edinburgh 1886-1945 

    Addison, Rosemary Catharine (The University of Edinburgh, 2004)
    This thesis documents a range of visua1 and textual records of women artists and illustrators in Edinburgh (1886-1945). It considers how women trained and applied skills to illustrate unique and multiple images for ...
  • Edinburgh College of Art : cast collection and architecture 

    Stoica, Ruxandra-Iulia; Stewart, Margaret (The University of Edinburgh, 2012)
    The Edinburgh Cast Collection comprises 265 plaster casts of Antique, Renaissance, and Gothic statues, bas reliefs, and architectural passages held at the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh. The plaster ...
  • The Morton Missal: The Finest Incunable Made in England 

    Airaksinen, Katja (Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, 2009)
    The Morton Missal: The Finest Incunable Made in England, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Vol. XIV, Part 2 (2009), 147-179
  • English and Scottish Metrical Psalters 

    Duguid, Timothy (2012-09-01)
    An estimated 460 metrical psalters were printed in England and Scotland from 1560 to 1640. This database lists the musical contents of each of these Sternhold and Hopkins metrical psalters.
  • Percussion synthesis based on models of nonlinear shell vibration 

    Bilbao, Stefan (IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2010-05)
    The synthesis of sound based on physical models of 2-D percussion instruments is problematic and has been approached only infrequently in the literature. Beyond the computational expense inherent to the simulation of 2-D ...
  • A virtual model of spring reverberation 

    Bilbao, Stefan; Parker, Julian (IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2010-05-01)
    The digital emulation of analog audio effects and synthesis components, through the simulation of lumped circuit components has seen a large amount of activity in recent years; electromechanical effects have seen rather ...